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Midwest Bank Robbers (2)

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Point Break, 1991


13 March 2012, Robber Magazine, based on Discovery Channel
On the way to capture the group split up to avoid a traffic jam. Driving past the parking lot of the agents saw Guthrie. He turned around and got in touch by radio with the rest. Guthrie got into the van and drove away. The agent followed him. Guthrie pointed tail. He wanted to break away. The agent had to be careful. The informant said that Guthrie may have got semi-automatic pistol with armor piercing bullets.
Guthrie, stopping, rash turned into a hollow lane, ran into the wall and ran out of the van.
He was chased to the river bank. He decided to surrender and lay down on the ground.
Being in custody, Guthrie was ready to speak. He told how he had kept in touch with Langan.
Attorney Richard Guthrie signed a deal with the investigation and Guthrie agreed to meet Langan appointment.
At 9:30 Langan went out and sat in the van, but the engine was not started. He sat without moving, might feel a seizure. When a group of twenty people from the grip surrounded the van, Langan decided to shoot. Van was riddled by bullets. Langan had time to shoot.
He survived. He was slightly wounded.
In the house was found an arsenal of weapons. There were thousands of rounds of ammunition, weapons and supplies of all kinds of chemicals for making bombs. There were ski masks, and the identity of almost all kinds of law enforcement. And there were tapes with propaganda.
Langan refused to cooperate with the investigation. Langan proposed a plea bargain in exchange for his testimony about the bombing in Oklahoma City, but the deal was not healed. It is not surprising. Langan was not involved in the explosion in Oklahoma.
Guthrie told about all 22 robberies. His recognition occupied 100 pages. But none of the gang, he did not name. He just did not know their names. All were from different cities, and all were just names. They knew each other negligible. And it saved them.
Guthrie recalled two, Scott, since he was a musician, and Kevin, a nephew of a police officer. Both lived in Philadelphia. At first it seemed hopeless. But in the Philadelphia Police Department, everything fell into place. They monitored all racists. They gathered at the farm of Thomas Brand.
They began to follow for one of them, and he led FBI agents to the recording studio, to Scott Stedeford. Through him, the police came to nephew, Kevin McCarthy.
He was shown Guthrie’s testimony on 100 pages and he spoke. He was too young to know that the investigation had only the testimony, but had no evidence.
It seemed that the case is over.
July 3, 1996 Richard Guthrie pleaded guilty to 19 robberies of banks and has agreed to testify against accomplices. And the prosecution considered that the case was won.
But nine days later, July 12, 1996 the main witness was hung up on a rope twisted into a sheet in a cell in the county jail Kenton. The FBI would like to link all the forces gang Midwest with the explosion in Oklahoma. So Guthrie was forgiven for robberies, but he was facing the death penalty for the bombing in Oklahoma City. This information was passed in press.
His suicide simply collapsed the investigation. The prosecution had big problem there.
Guthrie’ indications could not be used against Langan. In order to attract others, needed someone else who would have confirmed the testimony of Guthrie.
Investigators had no evidence. Robbers were always wearing gloves and masks. Tracks of arms was impossible. Robbers were very good.
Then it was decided to bring Mark Thomas. He brought all of them in the Aryan organization. He made Kevin McCarthy and Scott Stedeford criminals. He was their spiritual father. What did they want in 17 years? They were almost children. He carried the responsibility for them. By law, it can be prosecuted for organizing bank robberies.
Ministry of Justice decided that Thomas could be arrested on the basis of the testimony. An arrest warrant has been issued.
Then, in February 1997, Thomas did not plead guilty. He pleaded guilty later on the day when he was imprisoned. The FBI had their own methods. If he knew that he stayed in prison for nine years, perhaps it would go another way.
He signed a confession by Kevin McCarthy. The prosecution were sure that they have wine again.

Peter Langan was charged carrying a weapon, bank robbery, and received a life sentence. He pleaded not guilty, and saying that he didn’t know nothing about the Aryan Army. Kevin McCarthy has got five years in prison. He confessed that he had been in six robberies of banks, from December 1994 to December 1995, and they have got $ 109,290 in cash and checks. He also agreed that he and others knew that the money would be used to overthrow the government. By his testimony Stedeford was facing 29 years for two bank robbing.

P.S. Aryan army was divided into two groups long ago. Langan and Guthrie were the only bank robberies. They were not associated with the explosion in Oklahoma.
Langan did not go to deal with the investigation and he pleaded not guilty. Then the prison rumor that he was homosexual, transvestite lover, he loved to walk in a dress. But it was no results.
But it is not the whole list of fabricated facts by FBI. In August 1995, in a ditch by the roadside was found Kenneth Mark Trentad. It was the official version of suicide. But he had a lot of marks from beatings on the hands and back. The fact that Trentad – an exact copy of Richard Guthrie, who at that time had not yet been arrested.
It seems he was killed by the police by mistake, taking him for Guthrie.

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  1. Anna Schlegel April 7, 2013 at 01:31

    Kathryn Bigelow film Point Break was a model for the Midwest Bank Robbers, but Point Break film based on the true story of Stopwatch gang.

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